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Mewing is a term coined by orthodontist Dr. John Mew, representing a technique focused on maintaining proper tongue posture. It's based on the idea that the position of the tongue, teeth, and jaws can influence facial development.

The benefits of mewing:
Improved Facial Aesthetics: Mewing can potentially lead to more defined jawlines, better nasal breathing, and an overall more attractive facial structure due to the pressure exerted by the tongue on the upper jaw.
Better Breathing: By training your tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth, your airway remains more open. This can lead to better nasal breathing, which is considered healthier than mouth-breathing.
Better Oral Health: Proper tongue posture may also promote better oral health, reducing the likelihood of certain issues like cavities or gum disease by improving salivation and swallowing.
Improved Posture: The practice is believed to improve overall body posture, as the alignment of the head and neck is influenced by the position of the jaw and tongue.
Speech Improvement: Some people find that mewing helps with their speech, possibly because the tongue's position can affect the pronunciation of certain sounds.

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Mewing before (left) and after (right) transformations

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