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Improve Your Facial Aesthetics and Health

mewing for better jawline
Better jawline
Defined and prominent jawline widely considered as attractive. It’s going to make you look and feel more confident.
improve nasal breathing and get rid of mouthbreathing with mewing
Improved nasal breathing
Breath without effort through your nose and reduce mouth breathing
mewing for double chin & face fat
Reduced double chin
A double chin is often associated with weight gain, but you don’t have to be overweight to have one. Mewing will help you get rid of it.
mewing for cheeks and cheekbones
Hollow cheeks & high cheekbones
Forward-growing faces tend to be considered more good-looking and attractive. Forward facial growth is a result of the correct tongue posture.
improve posture
Better posture
Fix forward head posture and round-shoulders to look taller and alleviate neck pain and headaches.
better face symmetry with mewing
Improved facial symmetry
Facial symmetry has been found to increase ratings of attractiveness in both males and females

How it works?

correct tongue position
step 1

Learn the proper mewing technique

Step-by-step exercise guides
Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on how to mew with videos and pictures
Checklists to make sure you're doing it right
Make sure you do the exercise correctly and effectively and don't hurt yourself.
step 2

Stay consistent and make it a habit

Consistency is the key. Get reminders until it becomes your default tongue position.
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mewing before and after
step 3

Track your progress to see the changes

Take reliable progress photos
Take photos under the same conditions, so you can clearly see the differences. We'll remind you when to take them.
Keep all your progress photos in one safe place
Keep all your photos in one place so you don't clutter up your gallery or accidentally lose a photo.
Compare "before" and "after" photos easily
Keep all your photos in one place so you don't clutter up your gallery or accidentally lose a photo.


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