Mewing Before & After Results

Doubt that mewing actually works? Check out these before and after photos of men and women of different ages so you can see the results for yourself
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Mewing Before & After: 120 amazing progress photos of adult men's and women's transformation results
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What is mewing?

Mewing is a technique of placing the tongue in the mouth against the palate. It is the natural correct position of the tongue, which over time improves the structure of the face - widening the palate, making the lower jaw more pronounced and the teeth less crowded. 

Mewing was invented by British orthotropist John Mew and is used in the treatment of children and adults with incorrect oral posture. 

Mewing has gained enormous popularity because of its dramatic effects on appearance. Mewing has a positive effect on the aesthetics and attractiveness of both men's and women's faces. 

Check out our in-depth mewing guide here: What is mewing?

How does mewing work?

The core of the mewing technique is to train oneself to the correct tongue posture. The tongue should be pressed against the palate over the entire area, especially in the posterior third. 

This position has multiple effects on the health and aesthetics of the face:

  • Makes the jaw more defined and prominent
  • Aligns the teeth by widening the palate and reducing tongue thrust (how to stop tongue thrusting)
  • Improves nasal breathing 
  • Promotes forward facial growth through pressure on the maxilla

Keep reading to learn how mewing can help you become a healthier, more confident person.

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Is mewing legit? Does mewing actually work?

Mewing is a new concept that became known to a wider audience no more than a few years ago. Therefore, it is reasonable that many people wonder, "Is mewing fake?" 

In this article, we will examine “before and after photos” of mewing transformations in order to see how effective mewing is and does it really work. 

Mewing before and after progress photos

We've compiled the largest database of mewing before and after photos so that you can decide for yourself if these are enough results to start paying attention to the proper tongue position.

Mewing before & after: men 

Mewing is very popular among men, as it allows you to achieve a more masculine and attractive appearance. If you look at the mewing communities on the Internet you will quickly notice that most of their members are men. This is not surprising, since the size and strength of the lower jaw is one of the important parameters influencing male attractiveness. 

Let's take a look at men's mewing results from their before and after photos:

Mewing before & after: 6 month mewing transformation of an adult male

mewing before & after photo of adult man
Before & after photos of the reddit user nickabomb

This amazing success was achieved in just six months. The huge difference in the jawline dramatically changes the perception of the face, makes the person look more attractive and healthy.

Mewing before & after: 15-month proper tongue posture results of an adult man

Mewing before and after photos - 15 month progress of adult man
Before and photos of the reddit user GComptonn

A huge difference in the jawline is evident - the double chin is gone, the jaw is more pronounced and prominent, giving a more masculine appearance. The author combined mewing with neck exercises, which corrected his posture. 

Mewing transformation of the 23 years old man

Photos of mewing transformation of 23 y/o man
Before & after photos of the reddit user manricca16

The author notes that he was breathing through his mouth a lot before he started mewing, which led to changes in his face. 

He stopped mouth-breathing, began working on the correct tongue posture, and chew falim gum several times a week for 1 hour. He recommends chewing gum more on the underdeveloped side of the face to correct the asymmetry. Changing the eyes tilt and form from prey to hunter eyes is also notable.

As a result, the author notes that he has become much more confident with his new appearance.

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Mewing transformation without chewing and weight loss

Mewing gave this man hollow cheecks and chiselled jawline
Before & after photos of the reddit user iHolyPopcorni

This transformation took 1 year and 10 months. The author notes important aspects:

  • Proper swallowing and chewing techniques is necessary - using only the tongue, not the cheeks
  • Correcting the neck posture had a huge impact. He used to do chin tuks (get the mewing app to get detailed tutorial on how to perform chin tuck exercise) for hours and over time it became his natural posture.

He also notes that the empty cheeks only appeared after 1 year, so be patient.

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Mewing before and after: fixing recessed chin

Mewing fixed recessed chin (before and after photo)
Results of the reddit user blaikalva

Here we can see what results can be achieved if you train yourself to correct tongue posture while you are still young and your bones are growing. 

The author stopped sleeping with his mouth open, and taught himself the proper tongue position and improved his posture with exercises. The huge impact on the chin is obvious.

Mewing before and after: getting chiseled jawline with hard mewing

Mewing before and after: strong and sharp jawline
Before and after photos of the reddit user DiscipleOfLucy

To achieve these results, the author practiced hard mewing - pressing his tongue against the sky as hard as he could every time he thought of it

Mewing before and after: 2 years transformation

2 years mewing progress photos

The author describes his approach to mewing:

  • maintaining good posture
  • chin tucks daily
  • soft and hard mewing
  • regular workouts to reduce fat percentage
  • drinking plenty of water

Interestingly, this result was achieved without chewing. Presumably, adding stress to the jaw would further accelerate and enhance the results.

Effect of stopping mouthbreathing and adopting good oral posture

Photo of face changes after adopting proper tongue posture - double chin is gone

Although it is obvious that losing weight had a significant impact, the author notes that he stopped mouth breathing, developed a proper tongue posture, and maintained good overall posture.

Mewing before & after: 5 months

Mewing transformation results after 5 month (reduced sagging skin under the chin)
Before and after of the reddit user admiralcoholic

It took only five months to completely change his appearance and improved weak jawline. The correct positioning of the tongue got rid of the sagging skin under the chin and made the chin and jawline stand out.

Mewing before and after: women

Now let's look at women's before and after photos and see what the results look like. 

Just like with men, in female’s mewing before and after photos you can immediately notice a difference:

  • The lower jaw becomes more prominent and pronounced 
  • The double chin disappears or is greatly reduced
  • The skin under the jaw tightens and there is no sagging
  • Overall the face looks younger, healthier and tighter

Mewing before and after: adult female transformation

Mewing before and after photo: adult woman
Mewing before and after photos of the reddit user HatOverall353

This result was achieved in 4 years solely due to mewing, the author notes that she did not do anything else but correct tongue placement. Nevertheless the effect is striking - the sagging skin under the chin is gone, the chin is sculpted and sharp. In general the face looks healthier, tighter and more attractive.

Based on other people' experience, it is safe to assume that the effect could be greatly accelerated by using a comprehensive approach - posture exercises, facial exercises and chewing.

Female mewing results: before and after photos

Mewing before and after photos of a girl
Mewing transformation of the reddit user Blah-blah-no

This astonishing result was achieved in less than a year, with obvious visible results already in the first 4 months.

The author combined mewing  with posture exercises and proper chewing techniques. 

Mewing results of an adult 27-year-old woman

photo before and after mewing of an adult woman
Mewing results of the reddit user ThreeCamelToedSloth

This photo could be the answer to all the questions "does mewing work for adults". 

The author points out that this result was achieved through hard mewing and correcting the natural position of the tongue during rest, as well as correcting the posture. 

The whole process took 6 months and as a result we have an expressive jaw without sagging skin and beautiful profile.

Mewing before and after: amazingly fast progress of a 24-year-old woman

Mewing Before and after photos of a 24-year-old woman
Mewing progress of the reddit user SecretaryOriginal912

The author achieved an impressive jaw with just soft mewing. She recommends focusing on a proper tongue posture for a few weeks until it becomes a habit. She also practiced posture exercises to correct the forward head posture.

Women's before and after mewing photos after 3 month

mewing before and after photos of a female
Mewing before & after photos of the reddit user birkirbesti

This result was achieved in just three months of correct tongue placement

4 months of proper tongue positioning - before and after photos

4 month mewing progress of a woman
Mewing results of the reddit user cosmo12321

The author notes that her cheekbones have become more expressive and her face looks thinner, even though she has always been thin. Check out our definitive guide high cheekbones vs low cheekbones.

Before & After: 3 months of mewing progress 

Photo of a girl before and after she adopted good tongue posture
Before & after photos of the reddit user lexmartinez

In such a short period of time, no changes in bone structure could be seen, but the skin under the chin has become tighter, making the jaw more pronounced. 

Mewing before and after (8 months)

photo of a proper tongue posture results for a girl

A pronounced jaw and tighter skin in 8 months of correct tongue positioning.

Mewing before & after: 23 year old woman

mewing before and after - girl's face looks thinner and slimmer
The results of the reddit user Ok-Performance661

A tighter skin under the chin and a more pronounced jaw line was achieved in 3 months thanks to mewing and breathing through the nose.

How long does it take to see the results of mewing?

The first visible results can be seen as soon as you train yourself to the correct tongue position. Tongue pressed to the palate helps to tighten the skin under the chin and reduce a double chin. Usually the first results are visible within the first few weeks. 

As for changes in the bone structure of the face - it takes much longer and depends on age. The earlier you start mewing, the faster you’ll get visible results. 

When do you start seeing results from mewing?

Roughly speaking the results from mewing can be expected:

  • 1-3 months if you're under 18 years old
  • 3-6 months if you are 18-25
  • 6-12 months if you're over 25 

The following factors also affect how quickly you can see results from mewing:

  • Your condition at the start. If you are used to keeping your tongue in the bottom of your mouth and not touching your palate, the results can be fast and significant.
  • How many hours a day you mew. There's a big difference between keeping your tongue in the right position all the time or just a couple of hours a day. All the time you forget about mewing is wasted and you're delaying getting visible results. Set up a mewing reminder app to make mewing a habit as quickly as possible.
  • Do you combine mewing with other exercises to enhance the effect? Mewing is only one technique, the effectiveness of which can be severely limited by poor posture or other factors. The best results can be achieved by combining mewing with posture and facial exercises. 

Does mewing work for adults?

As we said earlier, the effectiveness of mewing varies with age. The older you get, the less mobile your bones are. 

However, this does not apply to your teeth - they remain movable throughout your life, as proven by the effectiveness of orthodontics. It also doesn't apply to your soft tissues - your muscles and skin. 

So in older age mewing is not as effective in changing the bone structure of the face itself, but retains the positive effects in strengthening the tongue and jaw muscle. This is exactly what helps to get rid of the double chin and highlight the lower jaw. 

Mewing as a way to reduce age-related facial changes

As we age, the muscular tone of the body as a whole weakens.This also applies to the facial muscles.The incorrect tongue position that does not provide the necessary support can accelerate the degradation and aging of the face. 

Therefore, teaching yourself the proper tongue position  and regular facial exercises are critical to maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance.

But it's better to see once than hear a hundred times - let's look at the mewing before and after pictures of adults

Adults mewing before and after photos:

Many people wonder if mewing works for adults. These questions have reason - as we age, the bone system becomes less plastic, and after the age of 25 it ceases to change. Nevertheless, mewing has an effect not only on the bones, but also on the soft tissues, which allows you to achieve visible results at any age. We have collected some examples of before and after photos of people older than 25.

Please note that as you get older, a comprehensive approach that includes not only mewing but also facial and posture exercises becomes necessary.

Mewing and chewing before & after: 30 y/o male

mewing before and after - adult 30 y/o male
Mewing results of the reddit user Posted Ay_Zimmy

The author achieved these results through mewing and chewing. You can see that the masseter muscles are much more developed, giving the face a more angular and masculine appearance.

Mewing transformation of an adult 36 year old man - before and after

results of good oral posture for an adult male

The author stopped breathing with his mouth, which allowed him to move his jaw forward and get hollow cheeks and an overall more muscular face.

Mewing before & after: 4 months of proper tongue placement 

Before and after photos of adult male after adopting good tongue posture

4 months of correct tongue positioning made the jaw more pronounced and stronger

Does mewing help straighten teeth?

Mewing helps expand the palate, which gives more room to the teeth and makes them more aligned. 

Beautifully aligned teeth have a huge impact on your appearance, so it's worth paying special attention to it. 

Let's take a look at the before and after photos of the mewing effect on teeth

Mewing for teeth: before and after

Mewing is effective in correcting crooked teeth when caused by a small palate. Mewing allows you to widen the palate and give the teeth more space, which reduces their crookedness.

Let's take a look at some examples of mewing teeth improvement.

Mewing straighten teeth and fix gummy smile

mewing before and after photos of teeth alignment
Mewing effect on teeth of the reddit user Forrateme25

A good example of how expanding the palate can align teeth:

  • more teeth visible when smiling
  • teeth were tilted inwards and moved outwards
  • improved gummy smile

In general the smile looks better and the face looks thinner, even though the author says he hasn't lost weight or exercised.

Mewing for teeth: before and after photos after 7 months

Mewing improved teeth and bite - before and after photos
Mewing effect on teeth of the reddit user Uninterested-Fish

The bite is much better, the front teeth are now touching each other and are much flatter overall. This result was achieved in just 7 months of correct tongue positioning and nasal breathing.

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Mewing how-to: step-by-step guide to proper tongue posture

The essence of mewing is the placing of the tongue pressed against the palate over the entire area.

Get proper tongue posture

To achieve the correct tongue position, follow these steps:

  1. Say the word KING
  2. Hold the tongue in the position in which you pronounce the -NG sound.
  3. Make sure the tongue is not touching the front teeth and is spread across the entire palate
  4. Breathe through your nose. If you have difficulty breathing through your nose, relax the back of your tongue exactly as much as you need to breathe.
  5. Congratulations! You got your tongue in the right position. 

The next and most important step is to make it a habit so that your tongue is in this position all the time.

How do you make mewing a habit?

The most important step to getting mewing results is to make proper tongue posture a habit. This can be difficult, especially if your default tongue position was previously incorrect. Once you stop thinking about mewing, your tongue will fall back into its habitual position.

The best way to fight this is to use reminders. At first, they should be very frequent - once every 30 minutes or even more often. Over time, you can set them less and less frequently, and when mewing becomes your default tongue position, turn them off altogether. 

To solve these problems we have developed a mobile app tailored to the needs of mewers -- the mewing app. It contains all the necessary tutorials as well as a powerful reminder system which can be configured as often as you want. 

Start using MEWING APP now to see visible changes as fast as possible

How to get mewing transformation faster?

After analyzing thousands of stories of mewing transformations, we've highlighted the main ways to accelerate the results, as well as the mistakes that can delay them

Ways to get mewing results faster:

  • Set reminders so you don't waste time forgetting the correct tongue position
  • Do posture exercises to fix forward head posture
  • Chew gum, solid foods, or special jaw exercisers
  • Hard mewing - training with strong tongue presses on the palate
  • Facial exercises - regularly tone all facial muscles

Mewing mistakes

Mewing mistakes can delay the appearance of visible results or generally make the exercise ineffective. Most popular mistakes are:

  1. Tongue is not pressed in the posterior third
  2. Tongue is touching the front teeth
  3. Tongue is pressed unevenly
  4. Not breathing with your nose
  5. Not implementing complex approach

Chewing for jawline development

Chewing is a proven and popular method for developing a pronounced jawline. The most popular methods of putting substantial exercise on the jaw muscles are:

  • Special hard gum - falim gum
  • Jaw trainers such as the jawliner
  • Regular gum can also be used, although it puts less resistance and costs more money in the long run

Other examples of mewing transformations and before and after photos

Mewing Influencers and Youtubers

Mewing is especially popular among youtubers, Influencers and celebrities because good looks are especially important for them (although for whom it is not important?), so here is a selection of videos about mewing:

Other Mewing Before & After Examples

There are literally thousands of pictures of mewing progress, there's no point in describing them all. So you can just look at the pictures and decide for yourself if these results are worth the effort to train yourself to a healthier and more correct oral posture.

mewing before and after of young guy
mewing progress photos of a girl
photos of mewing improving chin and jawline

photos of a strong jaw after mewing training
mewing gave this man angled jaw

photos before and after implementing proper tongue posture
mewing for a double chin photos
Improved neck posture
wider face and strong jaw muscles after starting mewing
strong jaw muscles after starting practicing correct tongue posture
Jawline progress before and after mewing
Gurl mewing transformation

Effect of good neck and oral posture
Mewing effect for an adult man
Effect of mewing for a young boy
Mewing helped this adult man to get rid of a double chin and sagging skin

Mewing before and after photos of a girl

The information provided in this article is intended for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or a substitute for professional guidance. Mewing and other techniques mentioned on this website may not be suitable for everyone, and individual results may vary. We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional, such as an orthodontist, dentist, or myofunctional therapist, before starting any new oral or facial exercises, particularly if you have existing dental, orthodontic, or health concerns.
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March 21, 2023