Does Chewing Gum Help Your Jawline: Before and After

How to achieve a pronounced jawline with chewing gum without hurting yourself in the process
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Does Chewing Gum Help Jawline? Before & After Chewing Falim Gum For a Chiseled Jawline
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Many people dream of a chiseled jawline without even a thought that simple chewing gum could help them. Does chewing gum really help your jawline? 

Does Chewing Gum Help Jawline?

Training face muscles can be as effective as training your body in a gym. Face muscles can significantly enhance your jawline, building a beautiful facial structure. So, can chewing gum help your jawline be chiseled? 

Effects of Chewing Gum on the Face

Chewing gum is a great tool to exercise jaw muscles. 

A well-defined jawline depends not only on proper tongue posture but also on the development of the jaw muscles.

Simple food chewing also takes part in jaw muscle development, but often it’s not enough to get a really chiseled jawline. So, chewing gum works as an additional exerciser and muscle growth stimulator for a defined jawline.

You should consult a specialist if you have increased masticatory muscle tone (hypertonicity) or joint pain or other problems. In these cases, increased masticatory muscle tone can cause even greater asymmetry, pain, or trigger aggravation.

Role of a Chiseled Jawline in Face Attractiveness

Many people wonder how to get a chiseled face because they find it extremely attractive. But why does a chiseled jawline look so appealing?

There are a few reasons why the role of a chiseled jawline is so mainstreamed in face attractiveness.

  1. It’s a sign of good health. It implies orthodontic health since a well-defined jawline usually means a normal bite (overbite vs underbite). Also, it sometimes shows a person takes care of the body fat percentage.
  2. It’s associated with a fit body. In most cases, a well-sculpted jawline is hiding under chubby cheeks. So when a person works out and controls the diet, the body gets fit together with the face, enhancing the jawline. 
  3. It’s always been considered attractive in culture. Remember the sculptures of the ancient gods and goddesses? They usually have a very well-defined sharp jawline, making them look divine. Moreover, the admired celebrities and actors mostly have chiseled jawlines and are considered extremely attractive. 
  4. The opposite sex usually thinks it’s appealing. When men’s jawline is chiseled it makes them more appealing because it’s usually associated with strength and masculinity. While a female with a defined jawline attracts men for her grace. It’s no wonder models mostly have a very prominent jawline. 
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Female celebrities with a chiseled jawline

Male celebrities with a chiseled jawline

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Chewing Gum for a Better Jawline: Before and After

Chewing gum is a great exercise for jaw muscles, helping them to develop and enhance the jawline. It takes some time and effort to get a visible result, yet many people have already done it and shared their amazing before & after photos. 


Chewing gum for a better jawline

The jawline before and after chewing gum

Before & after chewing gum for jawline
Before & after chewing gum for jawline

Before & after chewing gum workouts
Before & after chewing gum workouts

r/Mewing - 19M 4 month mewing + 2 month chewing (mastic gum) progress
4 months of mewing + 2 months of chewing gum, reddit user u/PianoComprehensive75
10 months of hard chewing, reddit user u/Horreurlunaire

How Does Chewing Gum Help Your Jawline?

To see how chewing gum helps the jawline, it’s crucial to understand the relation between chewing and jaw muscles. Chewing activates the muscles that are called “masticatory muscles”. 

Masticatory muscles:

That’s how chewing gum works - it helps to stimulate masticatory muscles for their further growth. 
jaw muscles

Masseter Muscle

The masseter muscle plays a major role in the process of chewing. It is also vital when building a chiseled jawline since it connects the lower jaw (mandible) with a cheekbone. Together with other masticatory muscles masseter muscle helps to pull the jaw up and down, performing chewing. Exercising the masseter with chewing provides a better definition of the jawline.

Masseter muscle
Masseter muscle

Does Chewing Gum Help with Double Chin?

Chewing gum puts the jaw muscles in motion, making them more developed. Yet, chewing gum alone can’t eliminate the double chin, because it’s more than just muscle training. Getting rid of a double chin takes effort like any other body part. With healthy nutrition, workouts, and facial exercises to lose double chin, you could do it quite fast. Together with regular gum chewing it’s going to be even more effective.

Does Chewing Gum Help Lose Face Fat?

Just like getting rid of a double chin, total face fat loss works if chewing gum is combined with proper diet and exercise. Fat reduction in one body area is impossible, therefore, chewing gum is one of the methods to give your face muscles a workout. When you eat well and work out, chewing gum can also help you tighten the skin of your neck and face. Step by step with exercise and chewing you’ll get to a fit and chiseled face.

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Types of Jawline Gum

Thanks to the manufacturers of chewing gum, there are multiple options to pick from on the market. There are even special jawline gums created for those who selected chewing gum to improve their jawline. Of course, taking into account that you’ll be chewing gum often, it’s crucial to pick the one that doesn’t cause health problems. Therefore, the best gum for the jawline would be sugar-free gum. Mastic and falim gums could be a good option.

Here are the most popular choices of jawline gum:

1. Regular Gum

Regular chewing gum is the simplest option for everyday jaw exercise. It’s important to pick sugar-free gum to make sure you prevent dental issues like cavities or decay. 

2. Mastic Gum

Mastic gum is made from the mastic tree and its production dates back centuries ago. It’s been used as an antibacterial remedy for oral and gut health. As for its jawline trainer properties, it is much harder than regular gum, making it more effective for jaw exercise. By creating more resistance, mastic gum makes the jaw muscles stronger, allowing to build them up faster. 

Mastic gum
Mastic gum

3. Falim Gum

Falim gum is widespread in Turkey and is similar to mastic gum. Turkish falim gum has more artificial ingredients, so some people say falim gum is toxic. 

Among the benefits of falim gum is its rather cheap price and less resistance than mastic gum. Thus, it’s great for beginners to start the training for a chiseled jawline. 

Is falim gum safe?

It’s been voted tooth-friendly back in 1996. It is also among the most popular gum brands in Turkey. 

Turkish Falim Gum for a jawline
Turkish Falim Gum

4. Special Jawline Gums

In case you want to try something more specific for jawline exercise, there are a few brands offering authentic jawline gums. Each of them has multiple benefits, so everyone can pick a jawline gum to their taste. 

Jawliner Facial Fitness Chewing Gum

Jawliner Facial Fitness Chewing Gum (use promo code MEW to get 10% discount) is a German product created to develop your facial muscles and enhance the jawline. It’s much harder than even mastic gum, so the exercises with the jawliner gum can be pretty intense and effective. Therefore, the creators recommend chewing it every other day to let your jaw muscles recover. It’s vegan and sugar-free and has even been tested by Dr. Mew, who promotes facial muscle development. 

Jawliner chewing gum
Jawliner Chewing Gum

Rockjaw Greek Mastic Gum

Rockjaw Greek Mastic Gum is a mastic-based gum that is 10 times tougher than regular gum. It’s totally natural and comes in various flavors for every taste. The creators say only 10 minutes a day with Rockjaw can enhance your jawline significantly and make jaw muscles stronger. Unlike soft regular gum, Rockjaw’s resistance is hard enough to make your jaw muscles build up into a chiseled jawline.

Unlike other jaw training gums, rockjaw comes in several flavors. You can pick the one you like best or alternate them from time to time so your workouts don't get boring.

Rockjaw Greek Mastic Gum

Greco Gum

Greco gum is a mastic gum produced in Greece, where mastic gum was first found centuries ago. The locals create Greco gum with all-natural ingredients, making it as effective as it was in the past. Same as in ancient Greece, it helps to provide oral health and develop jaw muscles for them to be as strong as our ancestors’. Progressive use of Greco gum can get you a chiseled jawline and strong facial muscles. 

Greco Gum
Greco Gum

Silicone Jaw Exercisers

There are also alternative chewing devices made from silicon. They are made from a reusable non-toxic silicone to train your jaw muscles. Silicone chewing devices usually come in various shapes and sizes, with different tension ranges for beginners and experienced users.

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Pros and Cons of Chewing Gum for Jawline

While chewing gum is a good method to develop a chiseled jawline, it has both pros and cons. 

It’s crucial to find out all the postitives and drawbacks before starting to use this exercise. 


  1. Practical and rather cheap method for face workouts
  2. Helps to concentrate and relieve stress
  3. Freshens breath
  4. Has antibacterial properties (when using mastic gum)
  5. Helps to tighten neck and chin skin (chewing gum helps to keep the skin fit by training the face muscles) 


  1. Dental issues (gums with sugar may cause decay and cavities)
  2. Jaw muscle cramps (too much chewing may result in muscle contractions and to increased muscle tone)
  3. Bloating (we swallow more air during gum chewing, which may lead to excessive gas and bloating)
  4. Increased wear and tear (long-lasting gum-chewing sessions can damage the teeth, so 20-30 minutes a day is enough)

Are There Any Risks in Chewing Gum?

Regular gum chewing is not typically associated with any risks. However, excessive chewing exercise with gum beyond recommended use may cause some damage. 

The risks of too much gum chewing:

  • Jaw muscle stress leading to increased muscle tone (hypertonicity), cramps
  • Headaches
  • Jaw clicking and popping
  • TMJ injury (TMJ - a temporomandibular joint that connects the lower jaw to your skull; the injury of this joint causes pain in the jaw and other unpleasant symptoms)
  • Cavities and enamel demineralization (if you use gum that contains sugar)
  • Aggravation of the Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (swallowing more air while chewing gum may cause bloating, stomach ache, and diarrhea) 

Other Ways to Improve Jawline

Apart from chewing gum there are other ways to get a chiseled jawline that are also very effective. Moreover, all these methods combined can get the best results with consistent practice. 


Mewing is a great technique for improving face structure with proper tongue posture (Read our articles on how to mew and mewing before and after results). Correct performance of mewing exercises helps to enhance the soft jawline by tightening the neck and chin skin, moving the lower jaw forward, and improving overall posture. Moreover, mewing with gum is recommended by Dr. Mew. He suggests squeezing the gum repetitively onto the roof of the mouth as an effective mewing exercise. 

Get the mewing app for detailed tutorials on performing these exercises. 

Jawline before & after mewing

Jawline Exercises

Jawline exercise is also effective to boost the results of jawline enhancement. Training your facial muscles is as important as working out in the gym. Jawline exercises can make your face look more fit by tightening the saggy skin and defining the jawline. They also help to reduce the pain in the jaw, neck, and head.

Try out these simple jawline exercises:

  1. Lay down with the tongue on the roof of your mouth, lift the chin forward to your chest, then put your head back and repeat. Do not touch your front teeth with the tongue (check out our article on what is tongue thrust and how to stop tongue thrusting)
  2. Mouth stretching: pronounce the letters “O” and “E” exaggeratedly and feel the muscles tightening as you create the sound.
  3. Put the tongue on the roof of your mouth and start humming to make a vibrating sound and feel the tongue muscles.

Reduce Body Fat Percentage

The definition of the jawline mostly depends on the body fat percentage. A healthy diet and regular workouts can get you there quite soon. Increase the consumption of vegetables, fiber, and protein while reducing fast food and oily products. Add more physical activity and the chiseled jawline will not take long to become visible. 

Combine All of the Above to Get the Best Results

Combining mewing, jawline exercise, losing body fat and chewing gum can get the most exciting results on your face. In addition to a chiseled jawline, you’ll get a fit body and better health. 

How to Chew Gum to Improve Your Jawline

Simple gum chewing is good, but there are some recommendations on how to do it correctly for more efficiency and to avoid risks. Follow up on these rules on how to chew gum to improve your jawline and you’ll see a good result. 

Stretch and Warm Up Your Muscles 

Like any other body workout, jawline training should start with warming up. Especially if you’re a beginner, you don’t want to get muscle cramps, so begin with a little muscle stretching. 

  • Say “O”, and “E” exaggeratedly to stretch the muscles around your lips. 
  • Put your tongue in the proper position pressed to the hard palate and move it forward and back a few times. 
  • You could also start with chewing a small piece of gum to warm up your jaw muscles. 

Chew on Both Sides

You want a symmetrical jawline, so remember to chew on both sides of your mouth. It’s important to grow jaw muscles equally for an attractive face structure. 

Take Breaks to Allow Your Muscles to Recover

Your jaw muscles also need time to recover after a workout. So don’t forget to give them a rest every other day. The general recommendation when chewing hard gum is to chew it for 20-40 minutes a day, then one day resting. Thus, your muscles grow with a balance of stress and recovery. 



Is Chewing Gum Good for Your Jawline?

Chewing gum is one of the good methods to enhance the jawline, especially when combined with proper diet and physical exercise for sooner results. 

Does Chewing Gum Exercise Your Jaw?

Yes, gum chewing is a great exercise for the jaw muscles. It helps to grow masticatory muscles - the ones used for chewing.

Does Chewing Gum Help Define Your Jawline?

Chewing gum is one of the ways to define your jawline by training the jaw muscles. 

Does Chewing Make Your Jaw Bigger?

Chewing gum makes your jaw muscles bigger as you exercise them. With the growth of jaw muscles, the jawline becomes more pronounced. 

Does Chewing Gum Make Your Jaw Stronger?

Chewing gum exercises your jaw muscles, making them stronger and more developed. 

How Long to Chew Gum for the Jawline?

It’s recommended to chew gum for 20-40 minutes a day with breaks every other day to let the muscles recover.

Does Chewing Gum Make Your Face Bigger?

With the growth of jaw muscles, your jawline gets wider so it may look like your face is bigger, but it’s more defined and attractive. 

Does Chewing Gum Slim Your Face?

Chewing gum combined with a healthy diet and physical activity helps to get rid of face fat, making it slimmer.

Can Chewing Gum Help Lose Fat on Your Jawline?

Chewing gum together with diet and exercise can help lose fat on the jawline more effectively. 

Is It Bad to Chew Gum Every Day?

Active gum chewing for a long time during the day may be bad, due to excessive muscle stress. It’s better to chew it actively for 20-40 minutes a day with time to recover every other day.

How Long Should You Chew Gum for the Jawline?

The general recommendations are to chew it for 20-40 minutes a day.

Does Chewing Gum Tighten Your Neck?

Chewing gum activates jaw muscles and when they grow, it helps to tighten the neck skin. 

How Many Hours a Day Should I Chew Gum to Get a Chiseled Jawline?

Excessive gum chewing may lead to increased wear and tear or muscle cramps, so 20-40 minutes of chewing a day are recommended. 

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