High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones in Men & Women

Prominent cheekbones are often considered very attractive. What type of cheekbones is more appealing: high or low? Let’s study both to see how cheekbones affect face aesthetics. 
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High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones in Men & Women: How to Get a Defined and Prominent Cheekbones?
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There are various types of cheekbones, but the difference is primarily visual. The type of cheekbones doesn’t affect their functionality and only creates different face structures. 

Prominent cheekbones are often considered very attractive. What type of cheekbones is more appealing: high or low? Let’s study both to see how cheekbones affect face aesthetics. 

What Are Cheekbones and How to Locate Them?

Cheekbones are the prominent part of a human skull, formed by zygomatic bones. These bones are located underneath the eye sockets. Cheekbones create the structure of our cheeks, thus, affecting facial aesthetics. However, cheekbones also function as muscle supporters. 

Zygomatic bone on a skull
Zygomatic bone on a skull

Locating your cheekbones is easy. Try doing the following:

  • Place your thumb on the nub over your ear (it’s called the tragus)
  • Put your index finger at the nostril
How to locate your cheekbones (by Julianne from thewinkblog.net/)
How to locate your cheekbones (by Julianne from thewinkblog.net/)

  • The created line marks where your cheekbone is located
  • To feel the zygomatic bone, slide the thumb down the cheek a bit
How to locate your cheekbones (by Julianne from thewinkblog.net/)
How to locate your cheekbones (by Julianne from thewinkblog.net/)

How to Know If You Have High Cheekbones

Knowing how to locate your cheekbones helps define whether you have high or low ones. You have high cheekbones if you feel the zygomatic bone underneath your eyes, closer to the nose bridge. Low cheekbones are usually located on the same level as your nostrils.

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High Cheekbones vs. Low Cheekbones

Having high or low cheekbones is determined by genetics and ethnic background. Some cultures consider high cheekbones a sign of attractiveness. At the same time, low cheekbones and cute cheeks are more valuable in terms of beauty. Also, don’t forget about trends: today, hollow cheeks are highly appealing, and tomorrow round-faced models can become more popular. 

High VS low cheekbones

High Cheekbones in Men

Prominent male cheekbones are said to contribute to handsomeness as well as hunter eyes and a defined jawline. There are many male celebrities with high cheekbones, which are considered very handsome. Due to their well-defined facial structure, they look masculine and confident.

Male celebrities with high cheekbones
Male celebrities with high cheekbones

High Cheekbones in Female 

High cheekbones in women are also one of the signs of beauty. Supermodels and celebrities tend to have impressive cheekbones and more symmetric facial parameters. 

Female celebrities with high cheekbones
Female celebrities with high cheekbones

High Cheekbones Smile

Is there any effect of high cheekbones on your smile? The users of Reddit opened up about their observations on this. Some users say smiling with high cheekbones highlights your eyes, as cheekbones are located close to the eye sockets. At the same time, a user points out that high cheekbones smile makes people look younger, enhancing the apples of the cheeks.

High cheekbones smile
High cheekbones smile

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Types of cheekbones

There are various types of cheekbones, but the difference is primarily visual. The type of cheekbones doesn’t affect their functionality and only creates different face structures. 

High Cheekbones

As was mentioned, high cheekbones are usually located right below the eye sockets. One of the reasons high cheekbones are appealing is facial symmetry. High cheekbones make a face more angular, define the jawline, and enhance the eyes. Thus, it looks more symmetrical, i.e., more attractive. 

High cheekbones
High cheekbones

Low Cheekbones

When the zygomatic bone (the one that forms a cheekbone) appears in line with the lower part of the nose, it creates low cheekbones. People with low cheekbones tend to have a rounder face shape. The Asian ethnic group proves that low cheekbones and round faces are attractive. Considering the popularity of Asian beauty nowadays, it’s fair to say low cheekbones have their charm. 

Low cheekbones
Low cheekbones

Flat Cheekbones

Flat or sunken cheekbones are common, and they are often a natural consequence of aging. The issue with flat cheekbones is the lack of volume and contour on the face. However, there are ways to correct this with makeup or fillers.

Flat cheekbones before & after (by eosrejuvenation.com)

Uneven Cheekbones

When one cheekbone is high and another is low, it’s called uneven cheekbones. The most effective option here would be surgery to reduce one cheekbone or fillers to augment another. With modern cosmetic surgery options, face asymmetry is not a problem.

Uneven cheekbones (by JayOhAre, posted on RealSelf.com)
Uneven cheekbones (by JayOhAre, posted on RealSelf.com)

Protruding Cheekbones

When the apples of the cheeks stand out, especially when smiling, the deal is protruding cheekbones. They usually make a face heart-shaped. A nice bonus is that the protruding apples of the cheeks create a more youthful look.

Protruding cheekbones
Protruding cheekbones

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Defined and Prominent Cheekbones

Prominent, and well-defined cheekbones fit perfectly on the face, framing it aesthetically pleasingly. Defined cheekbones are similar to high ones. They make a face look symmetrical and highlight the jawline. 

Prominent cheekbones
Prominent cheekbones

How to Get Defined Cheekbones

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your cheekbones, there are various options to correct them. From simple ways, like makeup, to more invasive, like implants, you can pick any solution on how to get higher cheekbones. 

Exercises for Cheekbones

It’s well-known exercising works great for muscle development, and facial muscles are no exception. Training the muscles of your face can bring excellent results in enhancing cheekbones.

You should include a few exercises in your daily routine for well-defined cheekbones:

  • Cheek lifting
  1. Open your mouth in an “O” shape, pressing the lips towards your teeth
  2. Then smile and feel your cheek muscles lifting
  3. Repeat a few times
  • Balloon
  1. Inhale and fill your mouth with air as if you’re blowing up a balloon
  2. Push the air in between the cheeks as far as possible
  3. Exhale and repeat as much as you can
  • Fish
  1. Make a fish-like face by sucking in your cheeks
  2. Hold in that position until you feel the tension
  3. Repeat a few times.

Mewing for Cheekbones

Mewing is a correct tongue positioning technique that helps improve facial structure (check out mewing before & after transformations). Therefore, it can be beneficial in getting your cheekbones defined. To get the best results from mewing, you need a proper performance of mewing exercises (learn how to mew correctly). 

So, how exactly proper tongue posture can improve cheekbones?

  • Correct tongue position - pressed towards the roof of the mouth
  • Such tongue posture promotes the maxilla to move up and forward (the maxilla is a bone that forms your upper jaw).
  • Do not push your front teeth with your tongue. Check out our guide on how to stop tongue thrusting.
  • As the maxilla widens, the cheekbones adjust and also move up and forward
  • Thus, you get prominent cheekbones and improved facial aesthetics
Mewing for cheekbones


Face contouring has become viral thanks to numerous beauty bloggers. This makeup technique can help to cover your insecurities and highlight your beauty.

There are a few basic makeup tricks to enhance your cheekbones:

  1. Don't forget to put on a suitable base: a foundation that fits your skin tone
  2. Pick a bit darker concealer to create a shadow below your cheekbones
  3. Remember to smudge it well for a natural look, and it will bring out your cheekbones
  4. Put a highlighter on the highest points of your cheekbones to define them more.
Before &after contouring makeup to define cheekbones
Before & after contouring makeup to define cheekbones

Cheek Implants

Cheekbone augmentation via cheek implants is a medical procedure. It's applied to increase cheek volume and get prominent cheekbones. Cheek implants imply permanent results (unless they’re taken out due to your desire or by necessity). 

People choose cheekbone implants to

  • Get a youthful look, 
  • Correct asymmetric proportions, 
  • Beautify the face.

Nonetheless, it’s a surgery that implies certain risks, general anesthesia, and recovery. 

Cheek implants before&after (by sailerclinic.com)
Cheek implants before & after (by sailerclinic.com)

Dermal Fillers

Cheekbone augmentation with dermal fillers is also a medical procedure. A professional cosmetologist should perform it. This kind of augmentation is usually done with hyaluronic acid or lipofilling. Cosmetologists give injections with local anesthetic and put the material right in the cheekbone zone.

Hyaluronic acid fillers should be renewed every 6-8 months since it tends to dissolve. Lipofilling is when your body fat is taken out only to be injected into your cheekbones. 

Cheekbone dermal fillers before&after (by themanseclinic.com)
Cheekbone dermal fillers before&after (by themanseclinic.com)

Risks Associated with Injections of the Cheeks

Any injections bear particular risks, and you should be warned about them before any procedure. Clinics performing cheekbone augmentation put out a list of complications that might happen. 

Among the procedure's risks are

  • Infections
  • Bleeding
  • Skin necrosis (rare cases).

Of course, it’s not very common; however, everyone should be aware of what might go wrong. The key is to choose a trustworthy clinic and doctor to get the prominent cheekbones. 

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