11 Different Types of Chin Shapes: Cleft, Receding, Double, Pointy, Long, Square and Others

A strong jawline. A prominent chin. This is what powerful, sexy chins are made of. Learn how some facial features are simply inherited here.
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11 Different Types of Chin Shapes: Cleft, Receding, Double, Pointy, Long, Square and Others
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A strong jawline. A prominent chin. This is what powerful, sexy chins are made of. Learn how some facial features are simply inherited here.

Different types of chin shapes

The shape of the chin can have a significant impact on the appearance of your face. A prominent chin can substantially enhance your facial beauty.  

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There are many different types of chins. Some of them are discussed below:

Cleft Chin

A cleft chin is identified by a small indentation or dimple in the center of the chin. It is also known as a botty chin or butt chin ( as its shape is similar to the butt) if the dimple is significant. Depending on personal preferences cleft chin can be considered a sign of beauty or not

A man with a prominent cleft chin

Cleft chins in women

Cleft chins are not gender specific, They are common in both men and women, Although women are slightly less likely to have them than men.

woman with a cleft chin
woman with a cleft chin

Is Cleft chin genetic?

Yes, a Cleft chin is a genetic characteristic. The presence of a Cleft chin is influenced by the gene that is responsible for the growth and development of the jawbone. If you have a cleft chin there are chances that you inherited it from your parents and you may also pass it to your children.

How to get rid of a butt chin

If you have a prominent butt chin that you think is affecting your facial beauty, there are a number of ways you can get rid of it.

  • Use Dermal fillers: These work by injecting the area beneath your chin with naturally occurring sugars and proteins. It can help you get a stronger and more prominent chin
  • Get a chin implant: An implant made of silicone is fitted into your chin via surgery. This implant enhances your chin
  • Genioplasty ( Chin surgery ): It is a surgical procedure that involves modifying the jaw bone and the muscle around it to improve the looks of the chin
  • Fat grafting: It is the process of removing excess fat from some part of your body and injecting it into the chin. You will get rid of your Cleft chin but your chin may get bigger in the process

Celebrities with cleft chin

While cleft chins are not very common, There are a lot famous celebrities that have a distinctive cleft chin:

Henry Cavill Chin & Jawline
Henry Cavill 

John Travolta's Chin and Jawline
John Travolta

Ben Affleck's cleft chin and jawline
Ben Affleck 

Sandra Bullock's Cleft chin and jawline
Sandra Bullock

Emily Blunt's Cleft Chin & Jawline
Emily Blunt

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Weak Receding Chin

A weak receding chin is also known as Retrognathia in medical terms. It is a condition where the lower jaw ( mandible ) is not developed enough to align with the upper jaw. It is significantly inwards compared to the upper jaw. This can be due to many reasons such as genetics, injury or even aging. 

Weak chin and Normal chin           
Weak chin and Normal chin                  

Is a weak chin a turn off?

Most of the time, it depends from individual to individual. In some cases. A weak chin can have a bad effect on a person’s overall facial looks and can cause them to feel self-conscious. While others don't see it as a major factor in determining attraction. However, we should also keep in mind that physical appearance is just one aspect of a person and it does not define their worth or value.

How to fix receding chin without surgery?

There are several non-surgical procedures that are less risky and can help you improve your receding chin.

Dermal filler: This is a non-invasive treatment, These work by injecting naturally occurring sugars and proteins in and around the muscles of the chin to get a more natural-looking chin in contrast with the rest of your facial features.

Chin exercises/Mewing: There are many mewing exercises such as chin tucks that can help you get a stronger chin.

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Double Chin

A double chin also known as submental fat is a condition in which excessive fat accumulates under the chin, creating a fold that resembles a chin. It can be caused by several factors such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Poor tongue posture
  • Aging
  • Bad posture
  • Genetic

The condition can be harmless but it can affect one’s self esteem and appearance.

A man with a double chin
A man with a double chin

How do you get rid of a Double chin?

A double chin is not considered a desirable trait and can be a source of self-consciousness for many people. A double chin can make someone look less healthy, And due to excessive fat it can also put strain on the neck. Below are some swift and productive ways you can get rid of a double chin

Mewing: Performing chin specific Mewing exercises on a daily basis can very quickly and effectively help you diminish your double chin by strengthening the tongue muscle which pulls the skin under the chin up. Some mewing exercises for the chin are Chin Tucks, Chin Lifts, Fish Face, and Neck curls.

Maintain a good diet:  A healthy diet is the most effective way to get rid of a double chin. Eating balanced meals can help you lose excessive fat which can reduce the intensity of a double chin

Liposuction: This is a surgical process that is used to remove surplus fat from specific body areas. So if you want to just get rid of that double chin as soon as possible and you don't mind surgery then this method is for you. But keep in mind that recovery can take from a few weeks to months

Double chin celebrities:

Please keep in mind that, We should not body shame and judge someone depending on their physical appearance. Everyone is unique. It is important to spread body positivity and acceptance. A famous proverb goes “Do not judge by appearances; a rich heart may be under a poor coat”, Below are some celebrities with a double chin

Simon Cowell

James Corden - Celebrity with Double Chin
James Corden

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Pointy Chin

A Pointy chin in a side profile refers to a chin that is noticeably more pointy as compared to the rest of the jawline. A pointy chin can be caused by many factors such as genetics, aging, or facial bone structure. Many people, especially women find a pointy chin to be attractive.

A woman with a pointy chin

How to get a pointy chin?

These are a few surgical procedures that you can consider if you want a pointy chin. 

Bone shaving:   In this procedure, an incision is done in the mouth or beneath the chin. A surgeon then uses a specialized burr to alter the chin bone to make it look more pointy.

V-line surgery: It is a surgical method that is used to create a more narrow jawline and chin. This includes removing part of the chin to make it look more pointy

However, It is important to note that a pointy chin is not necessarily more attractive than other chins. The most important thing is to feel and be confident about your unique natural looks.

Long chin

A chin that is longer than an average chin or extends further down the face is called a long chin.

Like other chins, a long chin can be caused by a number of factors such as aging, genetics, facial bone structure, etc. Some people have very long chins that may seem to be out of proportion compared to the rest of their facial features. Some people prefer a long chin while others prefer may prefer a different type

A woman with a long chin

Square Chin

A square chin refers to a chin that is more angular and has a square-like shape. This type of chin is usually wider and has a more prominent jawline. These chins are caused by the structure of the chin and jaw bones. A square chin is associated with a masculine look as it gives the face a stronger and more chiseled look. However just like all other chins and facial features, Ultimately it all comes down to personal preferences.

Types of Chin
Types of Chin

Protruding Chin

A chin in which the lower jaw is extended more forward and is not aligned with the rest of the face is called a protruding chin. A Protruding chin is also known as an “undershot” or “retrognathic” chin. It can be a natural feature or it can be caused by a number of conditions such as malocclusion( misaligned or crooked) of the teeth or a medical condition that affects the development of the Chin. It can be treated by a Orthognatic surgery or braces.


Protruding Chin
Protruding Chin

Wide chin

A chin that is wider or broader than an average chin is called a wide chin. It is also known as a broad chin. It can be caused by an underlying medical condition or genetics. You can lessen the width of a wide chin by undergoing genioplasty.

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Short chin

A chin that looks relatively small compared to the rest of the face is called a short chin. It is caused by the underdevelopment of the mandible (chin bone). It can be treated via Chin implants or a genioplasty.

Round Chin

A round chin is characterized by a curvature of the chin area, which results in an oval or round shape. This type of chin is more prominent than normal chins. They are a desirable trait as they can enhance one’s attractiveness and add softness and balance to their face.

Catherine (princes of wales) has a round chin

Narrow Chin

A narrow chin is a small and thin chin that usually has a pointed shape. These types of chins are less prominent when compared to other types. They can make the face look more delicate, However, a narrow chin can also make the face appear less defined and less balanced. These chins can be treated by procedures like chin implants and orthodontic treatment.

Narrow chin


The information provided in this article is intended for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or a substitute for professional guidance. Mewing and other techniques mentioned on this website may not be suitable for everyone, and individual results may vary. We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional, such as an orthodontist, dentist, or myofunctional therapist, before starting any new oral or facial exercises, particularly if you have existing dental, orthodontic, or health concerns.
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June 27, 2023