Mewing Devices and Tools

Learn more about devices and tools that can be useful when mewing
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Top 5 Mewing Devices & Tools: Mewing Appliance, MyoSpots, DIY Jawline Exercisers, BioBlock, DNA Appliance
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Mewing Devices & Tools

Mewing routine can be more effective with mewing tools. Learn more about mewing devices and how to use them. Of course, to apply it properly, you should know how to mew.

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Mewing Appliance

Mewing Appliance is a special device, made in a form of a flat silicone ring, that helps people mew correctly and effectively. This mewing tool trains you to keep proper tongue posture and make it a habit. 

The Mewing Appliance works by placing it on your tongue and starting mewing so that the tool is between your tongue and hard palate. Whenever you drop the tongue down, the device will make it feel uncomfortable. With regular application, the Mewing Appliance helps to develop the habit of mewing. 

Mewing tool: Mewing Appliance
Mewing Appliance


Myospots are tasty dissolvable pads that you stick to the hard palate in order to keep your tongue in the proper position. Myospots adhere easily to the roof of your mouth and your tongue elevates to touch it unconsciously. That’s how this mewing device guides the tongue to remain in its proper position. The manufacturers recommend using 2-3 pads daily (each lasts for about 45-50 minutes) for effective mewing. 8-10 weeks are enough for Myospots to promote a habit of resting your tongue on the roof of the mouth.

Myospots helps with:

  • Mouth breathing
  • Snoring
  • Sleep apnea 
Myospots mewing device
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DIY Mewing Device

In case you’re not ready to try out professional orthotropic appliances but are willing to train proper tongue posture, there’s an alternative. The Reddit users suggest a DIY mewing appliance to make sure your tongue is resting in the correct position, especially the back third of it.

All you need is salt or sugar, then follow up the guidelines:

  1. Put a bit of salt or sugar on your finger
  2. Say “hhhh” with your mouth open
  3. Feel the back of your tongue touching the palate when you say it
  4. Put the salt or sugar on the spot of the palate where the back third of the tongue touches it
  5. It should be close to the soft palate, but not too far back in order not to make you cough or choke
  6. Place your tongue in the mewing position
  7. Feel the salty or sweet taste with the back third of the tongue - it means the posterior third of the tongue is touching the palate and you’re doing it correctly
DIY mewing device
Place salt or sugar here

DIY Jawline Exerciser

Chewing gum is also a good way to improve a weak jawline, especially with Dr. Mew’s recommendations on chewing. He suggests chewing a big ball of gum to make the jawline workout more intense and effective. It’s also safer than rubber devices, just pick a sugar-free gum to avoid dental issues.

Jawline exercises are a good habit that helps to define jawline when combined with mewing, diet, and physical activity. 

There’s an example of a jawline exercise:

  1. Pull your lower jaw back as if you have an overbite
  2. Press your finger against your chin
  3. Push your lower jaw forward against your finger until you get the underbite position
  4. Repeat a few times
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Orthotropic Device: BIOBLOC

Biobloc is an orthotropic appliance developed by Dr. John Mew, and used to improve the jaw position by moving it forward. Biobloc deals with facial development making upper and lower jaws adequately positioned. At the same time, the device trains proper tongue posture to avoid future oral issues. 

Biobloc helps:

  • Make the upper jaw wider and move it more forward
  • Reduce the chance of overbite or underbite by bringing the lower jaw forward
  • Make airways wider and reduce shoring and sleep apnea

Biobloc is mainly applied to children under 10 years old, to deal with the consequences of such habits as:

Biobloc orthotropic device
Biobloc orthotropic device

Please note that the biobloc must be prescribed, adjusted and fitted by a specialist. 

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DNA Appliance

DNA appliance is another device aimed to treat disorders of teeth, jaws, airways, and TMJ (temporomandibular joints - connects the jawbone to the skull). 

DNA appliance is removable, looks like a dental retainer and is applied only at night. The device brings teeth, jaws, airways, and facial bones into a correct position, promoting better breathing and sleeping. 

DNA appliance has a few treatment directions, including:

  • Extension of the upper arch space, opening up the nasal cavity
  • The lower jaw is moved forward
  • Widening of the airway, allowing free breathing

With these treatment objectives, the overall facial structure becomes more naturally appealing. 

Thus, DNA appliance helps to deal with such issues as:

  • Sleep apnea and snoring
  • Teeth grinding
  • Crowded teeth
  • TMJ disorder (pain in jaw muscles)
  • Obstructed airway from mouth breathing
DNA appliance

Please note that the DNA appliance must be prescribed, adjusted, and fitted by a specialist. 

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