The Benefits of Mewing: What Does Mewing Really Do?

If you’re wondering “What does mewing do?” and want to reward yourself with the most desired benefits of mewing, you’ll find everything relatable in this article.
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The Benefits of Mewing: What Does Mewing Really Do?
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You can enhance your jaw’s strength, facial posture, and teeth alignment effortlessly through the non-invasive technique of mewing. With its rich history spanning decades, mewing has a multitude of benefits – as its main goal is visibly transforming your appearance.

Keep reading to know:

  • What does mewing do and what are mewing benefits?
  • How does mewing transform your facial look?
  • Is mewing a health-friendly approach?
  • How to mew the right way?
  • How much time does it take for mewing to work?

If you’re interested to uncover what mewing does, let’s get right into it!

What Is Mewing and Where Does Mewing Come From 

Similar to how you exercise your biceps to sculpt and reshape them, do you wonder if it's possible to achieve facial symmetry and a defined jawline? And, that too without getting your chin under a knife? 

Well, it’s completely possible with a jawline-enhancing technique called mewing. Mewing involves consciously placing your tongue against the roof of your mouth to promote proper jaw and teeth alignment. 

The concept of mewing is rooted in the importance of proper tongue posture, which scientific researchers have confirmed to be related to proper jaw development. This medical foundation provides evidence for the efficacy of maintaining a correct tongue posture. 

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. John Mew and his son Mike Mew who have played a vital role in tirelessly promoting the technique of proper tongue posture as a non-invasive method to enhance facial aesthetics and symmetry. 

Through their dedicated efforts, mewing has gained recognition as a natural and effective approach to improving facial appearance.

By making subtle changes to the position and posture of the tongue, mewing:

  • Reshapes the face,
  • Improves breathing, and 
  • Promotes good oral health. 

The benefits go far beyond mere appearance – extending to your overall quality of life. We will discuss all the potential benefits of mewing as you follow along with the article. 

Let’s first begin with how mewing works to enhance your facial appearance. 

How Does Mewing Work

If you are into facial enhancement trends and exploring painless techniques like mewing to sculpt your jawline, you might find yourself pondering: Does mewing really works?

Well, to a great extent, mewing does help your jawline if you think about the correct resting tongue position. Mewing tends to encourage proper tongue alignment to reposition your jaw, thus giving you a more balanced facial symmetry. 

The animated representation of the mewing technique below will explain how mewing works.

How mewing works

If the illustration leaves any space for explanation, here is the “what does mewing do” breakdown:

  • Expanding the Palate: Mewing involves applying pressure to the palate with the tongue, gradually expanding it over time. This expansion creates extra space for the teeth, which results in better alignment and improved facial symmetry.
  • Reducing Double Chin: By pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth, mewing can help tighten the skin beneath the chin. This can help reduce the appearance of a double chin, enhancing the overall definition of the jawline.
  • Advancing the Maxilla: The pressure exerted by the tongue on the palate can also influence the position of the maxilla, the upper jawbone. Through consistent mewing, the maxilla may gradually move forward, which in turn, enhances your facial appearance.

To reap the best benefits of mewing, we recommend you practice it with facial exercises that target forward head posture. These exercises complement the mewing technique, further enhancing the overall impact on facial appearance and jawline definition.

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What Does Mewing Do?

Now, let’s get into details of what mewing actually does for your aesthetic and health needs.

What Does Mewing Do?
What Does Mewing Do

Mewing, a practice gaining popularity as an alternative to orthognathic surgery, centers around the concept of proper tongue posture and alignment of the lips and teeth. Its main objective is to promote good oral health and enhance facial stability.

You can potentially experience a myriad of health and cosmetic benefits by simply:

  • Positioning the tongue against the roof of the mouth, 
  • Sealing the lips, and 
  • Prioritizing nose breathing over mouth breathing. 

Mewing can help prevent the development of misaligned jaws and mitigate temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) issues, particularly in children. 

Moreover, mewing has been associated with improvements in facial symmetry, contributing to a more facial symmetry appearance. What’s more is – mewing may offer potential assistance with sleep problems and certain diseases, as it promotes nasal breathing and improved airflow.

To make yourself understand what else mewing can do, read on to the benefits of mewing in terms of health, beauty, and facial aesthetics. 

How Does Mewing Transform Your Facial Appearance? (Most Desired Benefits of Mewing)

Since mewing is related to your tongue resting position while nasal breathing, it has a significant impact on your face. You can also begin to consider mewing as your jaw workout regimen can potentially reshape and enhance the appearance of your face.

If you’re wondering “What does mewing do?”, the explanation below will better introduce you to the most-wanted benefits of mewing. 

Chiseled Jawline

Who wouldn’t love to have that sharp, attractive jawline anyway? Mewing offers a specialized technique that can help strengthen your jaw without resorting to painful surgery. Many people practice mewing for a chiseled jawline, and luckily enough, thousands of them have achieved excellent results. You can always check before and after mewing transformations on several forums and platforms. 

Smooth Under-eye Area

Surprisingly, proper tongue posture can also have an impact on the appearance of your eyes.

Here are the effects of mewing on the eyes:

  • Prevention of sunken eyes
  • Smoothing of the delicate under-eye area
  • Reduction in the distance between the eyeballs

Enhanced Cheekbones and Nose Appearance

You might have no idea but mewing can work wonders for your cheekbones, providing them with a more defined look through the correct exercises. This means no more opting for aggressive treatments. 

While mewing won't change the actual shape or size of your nose, it can significantly affect its apparent shape. The benefits of mewing for the nose include reshaping it to appear smaller or less crooked, which can also improve your breathing. 

Defined Chin & Toned Neck

Have you been struggling to get rid of chin fat, or a recessed chin bothers you? 

Chin tuck exercises, which are commonly included in the mewing workout, can improve the appearance and strength of the chin and neck. While mewing as a whole can have benefits, it is specifically the chin tuck exercises that can work wonders for the neck. These exercises help achieve a more defined chin and provide the neck with a toned and elongated shape.

In the end, it’s all about how a proper tongue posture can elevate your facial look. 

Good Oral Health

Maintaining the proper tongue position in your mouth during mewing can contribute to overall oral health. Also, if you feel that your lips aren’t firm enough, mewing can help lift and enhance their appearance. 

Remember that consistent practice and correct technique are key to achieving optimal results.

Maintaining the Right Tongue Position in Your Mouth

To ensure effective mewing, it is crucial to position your tongue correctly in your mouth. The ideal posture involves resting the tongue flat against the roof of the mouth, with the tip positioned just behind the front teeth, without touching them. 

This position promotes balance and prevents:

  • Asymmetry, 
  • Droopy cheeks, 
  • Crooked teeth, and other related concerns.

How Does Mewing Improve Your Overall Look? (Aesthetic Benefits of Mewing)

The practice of mewing holds countless aesthetic benefits, all stemming from the simple yet powerful act of correct tongue placement

By bringing your tongue to the roof of your mouth, you initiate a transformative chain reaction throughout your entire face.

Correct Tongue Position for Mewing

Mewing encourages forward facial growth, preventing the dropping down and elongation of your face. This, in turn, promotes improved alignment of your mouth and nose, contributing to a healthy and appealing facial structure.

What’s even interesting is – the benefits of mewing extend beyond facial appearance. This means that your body posture can also experience positive changes that you’re going to absolutely adore. 

Here are some more benefits of mewing:

Enhanced Facial Appearance:

When you are consistent with your mewing practice, you eventually:

  • Develop a strong jawline
  • Carve out defined cheekbones
  • Achieve symmetrical facial features

Strengthened Facial Muscles:

Mewing exercises work the facial muscles, resulting in a more muscular and toned facial structure, which can impart a youthful and rejuvenated look.

More Lean and Angular Face:

  • For men, mewing can contribute to a more muscular and masculine appearance, with a lean and angular face that is often associated with strength and attractiveness.
  • Women can achieve a coveted "model look" with enhanced facial angles and a more sculpted and defined face through consistent mewing practices.

Improved Facial Profile:

Mewing can address a receding chin, enhancing your side profile and providing a more balanced facial appearance.

Overall Appeal:

Consistent mewing practice can elevate your overall appeal and attractiveness, boosting your self-confidence.

Enhanced Photogenic Qualities:

As you adopt mewing and witness the positive changes in your appearance, you'll find yourself exuding confidence, which translates into more photogenic qualities. Bust the myth that only a select few are naturally photogenic.

Boosted Lower Face Shape and Alignment:

If you desire to correct misaligned teeth or improve your jawline without going through the possible pain of surgery, explore our website and download our Mewing App. It will guide you on your mewing journey.

Confidence Boost:

When individuals see the positive changes in their facial appearance from consistent mewing, they may experience an increased sense of self-worth and improved confidence. Feeling more satisfied with your facial features, you can find yourself more comfortable and at ease in social interactions. 

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Is Mewing Healthy? (Health Benefits of Mewing)

One of the concerns that many people have: Is mewing healthy besides offering amazing jaw reconstructing benefits?

Mewing is primarily a preventive tongue posture practice. Although some individuals claim to have experienced corrective results as well. It has been reported to help individuals avoid oral and maxillofacial surgery in certain cases.

If you're considering mewing to address a specific condition or improve a particular area, we recommend you consult with your doctor or another medical professional to address any potential medical concerns.

Unfortunately, there is currently insufficient evidence from authoritative sources to substantiate claims regarding the definitive medicinal benefits of mewing. Peer-reviewed studies and relevant experiences are needed to establish these benefits conclusively.

However, many individuals who have embraced mewing as a do-it-yourself technique have reported a multitude of benefits.  

Here is how mewing can be seen as a healthy technique: 

Helps Reduce Sleep Apnea by Improving Breathing 

  • Mewing techniques, including proper tongue posture during sleep, can enhance air circulation in the airways, potentially alleviating sleep apnea symptoms.

For better management of sleep apnea, consult a qualified healthcare specialist who can guide you about practicing mewing securely. 

Prevention of Malocclusion

By promoting proper jaw alignment, mewing potentially aids in preventing malocclusions (misaligned teeth).

Pumps Up Your Energy Levels

  • Improved breathing resulting from mewing can lead to increased oxygen levels, consequently boosting energy levels. 
  • With improved energy, you may experience benefits such as more active social life, increased physical strength for exercise, and improved concentration and mental resilience.

Better Body Posture

  • Mewing's impact extends beyond the face, encompassing the neck, shoulders, and part of the spine.
  • By being conscious of facial posture, you become more aware of your overall body posture. 
  • The correct mewing practice involves sitting upright with feet firmly planted on the ground, maintaining proper alignment of knees, hips, and arms.

Reduction in TMJ Disorders

  • Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), connecting the upper and lower jaws.
  • Mewing, when done correctly, has helped many individuals reduce TMJ-related pain, promote proper jaw alignment, and potentially eliminate the need for jaw surgery.

If you have severe TMJ problems, consult your dentist, orthodontist, or other qualified healthcare provider before you practice mewing for TMJ problems. 

Enhanced Bimaxillary Protrusion

  • Bimaxillary protrusion refers to a forward inclination of the upper and lower front teeth and the alveolar bone. 
  • This medical condition can result in a protruding and separated appearance of the lips.
  • Mewing, when practiced correctly and from an early age, can potentially eliminate the need for more invasive medical interventions for bimaxillary protrusion. 

Helps Improve Sleep Quality

  • Mewing can help reduce snoring by facilitating unobstructed nasal airflow, which lets you enjoy improved sleep quality.

Speech Improvement

Proper tongue placement can help with articulation and clarity of speech. When the tongue is properly positioned against the palate, it creates a stable foundation for the articulatory organs, facilitating precise movements required for clear speech.

Helps Lower Your Underbite

  • An underbite occurs when the lower jaw and bottom teeth overlap the upper jaw and top front teeth, leading to various complications such as TMJ issues, chronic bad breath, and sleep apnea.
  • Implementing proper mewing practices, especially in children, can potentially lessen the need for orthodontic devices.

Helps With Overbite

  • Practicing mewing from an early age may have a preventive and restorative effect on this condition.
  • An excessive overbite can lead to breathing difficulties, chewing challenges, painful jaws, gum disease, speech problems, tooth decay, and palate damage.

Despite all the promising health benefits of mewing, we recommend you speak with a qualified Orthotropics specialist to ensure you rightly practice mewing. 

How to Mew Properly 

You can take mewing as a mindful way to elevate your body and oral posture. That’s exactly why mewing has certain steps that you need to master to avoid worst mewing mistakes. 

Follow these steps to mew properly and get the best results out of this facial enhancing technique:

  1. Maintain closed-mouth breathing: Keep your mouth closed and focus on breathing through your nose. This encourages correct tongue posture and improves overall oral posture.
  1. Press your tongue against the palate: The palate refers to the roof of your mouth. Press your tongue firmly against the palate and try to maintain this position as much as possible during mewing.
  1. Keep your tongue flat and wide: For effective mewing, ensure that your tongue remains flat and wide, covering a significant portion of the palate. Avoid curling your tongue or pushing it too far back into your throat.
  1. Relax your jaw: Throughout the mewing process, keep your jaw relaxed. Refrain from clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth, as this can interfere with the desired outcomes of mewing.
  1. Consistency is key: To gain quick results from mewing, it is crucial to be consistent. Strive to maintain proper tongue posture and oral posture as consistently as possible. It may take time and practice to see noticeable changes in your facial structure. But once you put in some dedicated efforts, the benefits of mewing can become apparent.

If you want to make mewing your lifelong habit, our Mewing App can help you big time with that. Mewing App helps you:

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Is Mewing a Mindful Technique?

If you’re an absolute beginner, you will need to consciously train your brain for proper tongue placement and nasal breathing. But with time, there are higher chances of you getting accustomed to a good oral habit. 

This heightened awareness can serve as an opportunity to practice mindfulness and reduce anxiety, creating your own personal meditation practice.

If you enjoy yoga, here is how you can mew as a form of face yoga:

  1. You can begin by taking some time out and focusing on your mewing practice. Prioritize aligning your entire body before you begin. A mewing app can help you greatly with that. 
  1. Sit upright with your feet firmly grounded. Place your palms on your knees, lengthen your spine, pull your shoulders back, and elongate your neck.
  1. Direct your attention to your mouth and aim to position your tongue on the upper palate. Avoid using excessive pressure and ensure that your entire tongue rests against the palate, not just the tip.
  1. Once you've found the proper tongue posture, shift your focus to your breathing. Keep your lips closed without any gaps and ensure that breathing through your mouth is not possible. Breathe in and out through your nose.
  1. While practicing mewing, bring heightened attention to your mouth. Focus on the various sensations within your oral cavity, allowing yourself to shift away from daily stress.

How Long Does It Take for Mewing to See Results?

Mewing is a jaw-restoring technique that trains you to practice proper tongue placement. Despite mewing’s tremendous potential, many people wonder if mewing delivers effective results. Also, how fast will mewing transform your jawline?

Since every individual is unique, some may experience results faster than others, depending on how correct is your tongue posture.

More factors that affect your jawline transformation with mewing, include: 

  • Breathing through your nose
  • Are your teeth touching while mewing and resting position?
  • How long should you mewing a day?
  • How severe is your double chin? 
  • Total hours you keep your mouth in the correct posture
  • Whether you are doing just mewing or adopting a holistic mewing approach. It can include practicing posture exercises, facial exercises, and tongue chewing.

While all the above factors are important, age and genetics also play a crucial role in how fast you can see results with mewing. 

Now, when do you start seeing results with mewing?

As per the active mewers, visible mewing results typically appear within 3 to 6 months.

The key to reaping the best benefits of mewing is to be consistent with the right tongue posture, maintaining it for at least 6 hours a day. This recommendation of at least 6 hours a day is emphasized by Dr. Mew, an expert in the field.

The first step is to determine your goal with mewing. Take our 60-second FREE quiz by clicking here to share your goal and receive a personalized plan.

Conclusion – What Does Mewing Do?

The best benefits of mewing include restoring your facial look, balancing your face symmetry, promoting healthy breathing, and potentially addressing orthodontic concerns. However, it’s important to note that mewing doesn’t directly cure orthodontic concerns that require proper medical treatment. We recommend you take mewing as your jaw-strengthening and tongue posture exercise. 

To have an instant understanding of mewing, visit our website and try out our Mewing App.

The information provided in this article is intended for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or a substitute for professional guidance. Mewing and other techniques mentioned on this website may not be suitable for everyone, and individual results may vary. We strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional, such as an orthodontist, dentist, or myofunctional therapist, before starting any new oral or facial exercises, particularly if you have existing dental, orthodontic, or health concerns.
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June 27, 2023